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ENG: Around the world in Eighty Days [London]

Monday , 9 am. Father and daughter, both blond hair, dark eyes and freckles on all the face, are seating on the train towards Brighton, south of London. The kid, with her head resting on her father’s chest, listens very carefully the dad and…

ENG: ”Who Could That Be at This Hour?” [London]

10.30 am, Clapham Common station.
A young girl with ginger hair and freckles all over her face seats close to me on the bench of the tube station. A woman, must be her mother because they are like two peas in a pod, joins her immediately: ‘Here you go’ says to her…

ENG: Red Rising [London]

London, 9 pm.
A young man in an elegant tuxedo jumps quickly on the bus number 87 in Charing Cross.
He seats near the window and the red sun lights up his face. He suddenly puts on his sunglasses and opening his leather bag he pulls out a book: Red Rising by Pierce Brown.
Browsing through the book, the guy struggles to find the last page he read, but once found it, with the face laying on the bus’ window…

ENG: The House of The Spirits [London]

Clapham Junction, 9 am. It is a gloomy and windy morning on the platform 11 and the train to Kingston Upon Thames is delayed. Close to me, a girl with black hair, blue eyes and a mix of coloured clothes on top is leaning next to the wall. She looks very tired and annoyed, she […]

Il giro del mondo in 80 giorni [Londra]

Lunedì, 9 am. Padre e figlia, entrambi capelli biondi, occhi scuri e lentiggini su tutto il viso sono seduti sui sedili del treno diretto a Brighton a sud di Londra. La piccola, con la testa appoggiata sul petto del papà , lo ascolta attentamente e lo incita a non smettere: ”ancora una pagina” lo supplica […]